5 reasons to attend DataEngHack

Category: Hackathon

April 08, 2022 by Peter Hanssens

Hey folks, here are the top 5 reasons to attend DataEngHack.


  1. First up there’s the exposure to new technology - datastax, neo4j, snowflake, fivetran, databricks, microsoft azure, amazon web services, and imply to name a few

  2. Number two is the networking opportunities… you may be new to data engineering or in a small team and want to meet others working in the field… to bounce ideas off of each other

  3. Number 3 is quite related, it’s team building - this gives you the chance to work with your peers and collaborate on something fun whilst learning new technologies

  4. Now onto the real reasons you want to attend and up in fourth spot its the amazing swag - t-shirts, keep cups, and socks from DataEngBytes as well as our awesome sponsors

  5. The finally in fifth spot its the prizes - there will be a trophy for the winning team and prizes include a copy of Zhamak Dheghani’s Data Mesh book!

So what are you waiting for, with tickets on $49 and time running out fast, it’s time to secure yours today! See you there!