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April 28, 2022 by Peter Hanssens

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Hey folks,

Peter Hanssens here... welcome to the online DataEngHack blogging competition that we are running in the month of May!

This blogging competition is designed to get you hands on with some cutting edge data engineering technology and public exposure for your awesome work in the process. You will be featured on the DataEngAu website and you have the chance to win an awesome set of prizes. You can submit your blog right away and in order to win a prize, your blog must be submitted by the 31st of May.


So first up, anyone who submits a blog (with a few caveats around it being an appropriate data engineering blog) will be sent a free DataEngHack t-shirt.

DataEngHack T-Shirt

For the top 10 blogs as determined by weighted popularity, will be each given one of either:

  • one of 5 Lego kits valued around $100 including the Lego Vesper 125

  • Zhamak Dheghani's book on Data Mesh

Technology sponsors

This is a sponsored event and as such we encourage our participants to use at least one of the technologies of our technology partners in their solution. These vendors are leaders in their space and often provide really fun and innovative ways of achieving great Data Engineering outcomes, so why not give them a go:

DataEngHack Sponsors

So our list of sponsors are:

How to get involved

See the comments below for the way to register!