Data Operating Models, The Missing Link Between Strategy and Execution

We've all been part of companies that are embarking on the "new great strategy", attended the town halls, drunk the cool aid on the idea that we're finally going to fix some things around here. Yet we get back to our desks and find that not much really changed. The best intentions and near-infinite elbow grease don't seem to move us towards our lofty new goal. You feel encumbered by the pressures and bureaucracy of what was, as you try to bring about the future. Operating models give us a way to bridge between the multi-year strategy and the day to day execution. A way of taking a machete to the existing business architecture to mindfully organise around unlocking flow and value. In this talk we'll go through the building blocks of designing a data operating model. The pieces you'll need to bring alignment between your executive leadership and engineering. You'll leave empowered to not just be in charge of your own destiny, but to be in control of it.