Duck, duck, Go! Hybrid SQL Execution with DuckDB and MotherDuck

It's time to re-think the mainframe model of centralized cloud warehouses which require complicated horizontal scaling on shared infrastructure to achieve performance. DuckDB is a lightweight SQL OLAP engine that can run in a browser on your laptop via WASM, in a local python app, and in the cloud. This talk will describe the origin and properties of DuckDB which caused it to take the internet by storm and then dive into the ways these can be used to create a powerful hybrid local+cloud data development environment. This hybrid development model often has your data warehouse sitting in the cloud, but enables it to be joined against local sources in parquet, CSV or pandas DataFrames. Results can be cached and further filtered inside the web browser, using the same SQL dialect and engine. After exploratory analysis, you can create a new cloud branch of your data shared with your colleagues, allowing them to reproduce and expand upon your work.