Sponsorship Plans

Get involved in the Data Engineering meetup and conference this year... grow your brand awareness amongst our amazing community!

ANZ Startups

All the basics for starting a new business

$500 /year

Buy ANZ Startups

What's included

  • A great way to grow awareness.
  • Supporting local startups.


Get your brand out there and known to a technical audience

$2000 /year

Buy Online

What's included

  • Marketing emails sent out on your behalf
  • Access to present at our meetup.
  • Permanent branding on our channels.

1x Major Event

Sponsor us in person and connect with your core audience

$6000 /year

Buy 1x Major Event

What's included

  • All online features.
  • One major in person event
  • A conference or Hackathon.
  • Sponsorship booth included.

All Major Events

Be top of mind wherever our data engineers gather

$8000 /year

Buy All Major Events

What's included

  • All 1x Major event features.
  • Premium sponsorship tier.
  • Top of the list.
  • Get your brand front and centre.
  • Bespoke opportunities.