Our Organisers

Meet the organisers working hard to bring you DataEngBytes 2021!

  • Peter Hanssens

    Founder and Solutions Architect, Cloud Shuttle

    Peter is a Solutions Architect and Founder of Cloud Shuttle, a community-focused cloud consultancy. He counts his major interests on the intersection between Serverless and Data Engineering.

  • Kelly Hotta

    Sales at Fishtown Analytics | Makers of dbt

    After 8yrs in solution engineering, I recently moved into sales where I work with dbt Cloud customers across APAC. What excites me most about tech is that it breathes new life to age-old problems 🌱 ...and there is always room for improvement!

  • Simon Aubury

    Principal Data Engineer / ThoughtWorks

    Day job: data steaming & system architecture. Night gig: IoT and random project hacking.

  • Leo Hoare

    Data Engineer at Itoc

    I'm enthusiastic about all things data. I love spending time in a range of different areas of the data stack including machine learning, real time streaming and DataOps.

  • Helen Anderson

    Digital Product Analyst, KiwiBank

    Helen is a Business Intelligence Consultant based out of Wellington, New Zealand. She focuses on leading projects that use AWS services to empower users and improve efficiencies.

  • Noel Hanssens

    Data Engineering Manager

    Everything about data blows my hair back. I am a data professional with 20 years experience, leading teams, managing data projects and uplifting organisational data capabilities. I run the Melbourne Data Engineering Meetup, have an International MBA, have contributed to the Financial Times, and founded a TEDx.

  • Rafael Athayde Mello

    Data Engineer at Culture Amp

    I am passionate about helping startups scale their data platforms. I like to think about security and privacy and how companies productionize Machine learning.

  • Claudia Silva-Cabrera

    Data engineer @Kinesso

    Would you like to know the secrets of data? I would like it. I'm a data advocate in all its forms.

  • Adithya Bhat Narjala

    Data Engineer at Openpay

    I am passionate about architecting solutions for big-data processing pipelines while considering it's domain specific constraints relating to security and usability.

  • Francisco Liwa

    Senior Data Engineer

    Passionate in Data and IoT

Our Committee

Meet the committee who are setting the direction and helping to guide the ship that is DataEngBytes 2021!

  • Nitish Mathew

    Global Head of Data Engineering, Afterpay

    I am passionate about coaching leaders build, nurture, and inspire engineering teams deliver tangible business outcomes with simple and useful data products, and have fun along the way.

  • Ingrid Anzola

    Head of Data Platform | Shippit

    Passionate about data for 20 years, keen to share my own experiences and learn from others, and proud of being part of such an awesome data community

    • Rohan Dhupelia

      Engineering Manager, Data Platform, Atlassian

      Rohan Dhupelia leads the data platform team at Atlassian, which focuses on further democratizing data in the company and providing a world-class, highly innovative data platform. Rohan has spent the last 10+ years of his career in the data space across a variety of industries, including FMCGs, property, and technology, doing everything from BI report development to data warehousing and data engineering.

    • Jess Flanagan

      Head of Engineering, Deckard Technologies

      I began my career in the security space, but after repeatedly needing to pull large disparate data sources together, I found a passion for data engineering. I've built pipelines and analytics tools, for many domains including telecommunications, intellectual property management and self-driving cars. Currently, I am co-founder and head of engineering at Deckard Technologies an early stage start-up that is helping US cities, institutions and NGOs become smarter using data analytics and machine learning.