DataEngBytes 2023

Run by data engineers, for data engineers

Our featured speakers

DataEngBytes is the one conference where you can see some of the brightest minds in MLOps and Data Engineering both locally and internationally.

Chad Sanderson

Chad Sanderson is passionate about data quality, and fixing the muddy relationship between data producers and consumers. He is a former Head of Data at Convoy, a LinkedIn writer, and a published author. He lives in Seattle, Washington, and is the Chief Operator of the Data Quality Camp.

Joe Reis

Joe Reis is a “recovering data scientist” and co-author of the best-selling O’Reilly book, Fundamentals of Data Engineering. He’s a business-minded data nerd who’s worked in the data industry for 20 years, with responsibilities ranging from statistical modeling, forecasting, machine learning, data engineering, data architecture, and almost everything else. Joe hosts the popular data podcasts The Monday Morning Data Chat and The Joe Reis Show, keynotes major data conferences worldwide and runs several meetups, including The Utah Data Engineering Meetup and SLC Python. In his spare time, he can be found writing new books and articles and teaching at the University of Utah. When he’s not busy running a company, teaching, or creating content, Joe often finds himself rock climbing or trail running in the mountains around Salt Lake City, Utah.

Kendra Vant

I love building. Products, teams, companies. Turning great ideas into fantastic, profitable products. Being able to point to something and say ‘we built that’ is what stokes my fire. I’ve released multiple AI products to market, generating key patents that support both the offensive and defensive patent strategy needed for new market entry. I nurture, galvanise and inspire cross functional product and engineering teams to deliver game changing products and I work hard to create high performing and inclusive environments of continual learning and development where diverse perspectives are expected and celebrated. Pragmatic and commercial, I have the academic and technical background needed to sort the real from the wishful thinking, value AI pitch decks accurately and call BS on the hype. I bring deep expertise in threading data and AI through new products and companies in a way that opens new markets and builds a differentiating moat. Deeply committed to the belief that data needs to be used for good, I advise the Australian Government’s approach to data and AI via the National AI Centre Think Tank and the National Data Advisory Council.

Mikiko Bazeley

Mikiko Bazeley is Head of MLOps at Featureform, a Virtual Feature Store. She's worked as an MLOps engineer, data scientist, and data analyst for companies like Mailchimp (Intuit), Teladoc, Sunrun, Autodesk as well as a handful of early stage startups. Mikiko leverages her knowledge and experiences as a practitioner, mentor, and strategist to contribute MLOps & production ML content through LinkedIn, Youtube, & Substack, as well as partnering with companies in the ML ecosystem like Nvidia. Her main goals are to help: - data scientists deploy better models faster; - ML platform engineers develop robust & scalable ML systems & stacks without breaking the bank; & - bring the delight back into building ML products.

Ryan Boyd

Ryan is a Co-founder at MotherDuck, a data analytics infrastructure company. He's a data and authNZ geek who has spent the last 15 years working with databases, data infrastructure, APIs and other cloud infrastructure at Google, Neo4j and Databricks.