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Thu 20th - Fri 21st August, 2020.

DataEngConfAu - Bytes! Join us this year for our virtual Australian conference focusing on real world data engineering problems. A not-for-profit event featuring two half day sessions jam packed with bite sized presentation with plenty of sharing and learning. DataEngBytes 2020 is a virtual event - with our in-person event scheduled for 2021.


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Zhamak Dehghani

Introduction to Data Mesh: A Paradigm Shift in Data Platform Architecture

Zhamak Dehghani introduces Data Mesh, the next generation analytical data platform, that shifts to a paradigm drawing from modern distributed architecture considering domains as the first class concern, applying platform thinking to create self-serve data infrastructure, and treating data as a product. Zhamak compares data mesh to the prior big data analytics architectures, and provides some insights into how to implement this architecture in your organization.

Gian Merlino

Some Like It Hot

Today's world has no shortage of systems that claim to help with analysis of large amounts of data. Under the hood, today's popular systems have a variety of interesting and unique architectures. In this talk, we'll reflect on why you can never seem to find that single perfect system, and how to think about their capabilities on a spectrum.



Afternoon - Thursday 20 August

Morning - Friday 21 August


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